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Providing compassionate legal representation to 9/11 and accident victims

9/11 Benefits

Pitta & Baione LLP represents 9/11 victims and their families seeking benefits under the the Zadroga Act. For years, our attorneys fought to pass the Act through Congress – securing over $12 billion in funding. If you were in Lower Manhattan, Fresh Kills Landfill, or anywhere along the routes of debris removal from 9/11/01 to 5/30/02, you may be eligible for benefits.


Personal Injury

Our affiliated personal injury lawyers limit their litigation practice to serious personal injury, medical malpractice, construction accidents, and class action cases. The litigation team has received local and nationwide accolades for their trial tested, winning track record which includes over $100 million recovered for clients.


Pitta & Baione LLP is a team of attorneys brought together for a common purpose: to provide dependable counsel to deserving clients. Our clients are 9/11 victims and victims of personal injury, medical malpractice, construction accidents, and widespread class action damages. We count among them our family members, our friends and countless hardworking New Yorkers who share our values. We understand the seriousness of our client’s situations and the necessary level of care.

When we take on your case, it becomes our own.

When we give you our word, we keep it.

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